We are excited planning your big event and this page will get us started. Below is the link to manage your event with Qubevision Events and Entertainment.

Let's get started!

1. Click on the link below to plan your event.

Plan your event.

Fill out as much detail as you can. The more detailed your planning sheet would be the better we execute your event. When you are done,  you can always come back to your work if there are any changes and additions you can by clicking at the LOAD button and adding your information to bring up your form.

2. The second step is to create your event timeline. This should be done 6 weeks before the event.

Coordinate the Order of Activities at Your Event

We understand that there can be changes towards timelines and you are more than welcome to keep editing the timeline until your last meeting with Qubevision to go over your day. We normally schedule an online meeting one month before your event. Editing activities can be done by accessing this link again and clicking the LOAD button.

3. Your Song favorites! This is where you get to add some of your favorite tunes for your event.

Search Our Music Library and Create a Request List

To Create a request list follow these steps

  • Search for the song or artist and press enter
  • Click on the Green Yellow and Red Plus signs (Green is a must Play, Yellow is whenever possible and Red is Do Not Play)
  • After you have seated your list hit submit and follow prompts to save your list. You can always go back to your list to add more songs by using the link and clicking on LOAD LIST. The list will close 2 weeks before your event.

Please connect with Qubevision if you have questions.

Thank You!